Holistic Health & Fitness Coaching

“Danny Collier and his TRX/Nutrition training has been extremely beneficial for myself. We have been working together for almost six months now and the work we have done is evident in both my physical being and also my golf game. I would recommend both aspects of training for anyone who is looking to improve their golf game as well as getting into better physical shape.” 

- Daren Hupfer – Pro Golfer


Functional Movement Program


Danny’s TRX classes provide a form of training unlike like anything I’ve done before.  It’s just the right mix of balance and flexibility with resistance and power training.  What’s unique about TRX is that it simulates real life movements in all planes of motion and works my core with every exercise.  Now in my sixties, it has enabled me to pursue and enjoy any activity or sport of my choosing.

- Henry Jacobson


“When Danny first showed me the TRX, I thought “this is another gimmick for late night infomercials.”  However, after trying it and overcoming the initial soreness, I’ve become a true believer. I get the overall body workout I need.  My strength, balance and flexibility have all improved. Danny has done an excellent job keeping me motivated.  I’m hitting driver much longer and best of all I feel good about myself.  I highly recommend Danny functional movement program.”

 - Michael Ainger


“Several years ago I decided to focus on getting healthier and more physically fit.  I started walking and working out at the fitness center with some success in losing weight, but the workout became monotonous and I hit a plateau.  One day I was at the fitness center and saw Danny working out using the TRX system and I was immediately interested in the way the TRX system works every area of the body.  Being bored with my routine and not seeing the results I was looking for, I had Danny teach me how to use the TRX system to improve my conditioning.  It has been a great success for me.  I feel better, with more energy and a toner body.  There are so many different exercises using TRX that I have not gotten bored with my workouts and I continue to learn new exercises. It has been one of the best decisions I have made for improving my overall health. Danny’s functional movement program is a fun and effective way to feel better and get healthier.”

- Gary Pinard


Clean Nutrition Program

I did the 21 Day Clean-Eating Cleanse program in July and have decided to continue with my new eating habits. I’m happy to report that I lost 12.5 lbs in the first three weeks and my energy levels and begun to increase.  For a long time I have had swelling in my ankles, the right one more than the left and today my ankles look a race horse, skin and bone.  Thank you Danny!
- Bill Chisholm

I am happy to say I feel I have altered my diet for the better after joining the 21 Day Clean Eating challenge in July. The shopping trip to Sprouts was helpful as there were some items unknown to me on Danny’s list of preferred foods. There were several tasty frozen or easy to prepare options on the plan and I have added several varieties of beans into my diet along with quinoa and hummus.  A tip I found to be helpful was to look at what you usually prepare and see if you can replace one food item with a “clean eating” item. I have done that with a few of my favorite recipes. 

I may not follow it perfectly but it’s not about being perfect it’s about taking steps towards improvement!  I will also say that I’m not as hungry near as often as I was.  I would highly recommend giving the Clean Eating Challenge a try if you want to get heathier and just feel better.”

Bonnie Brehmer