Danny Collier

Holistic Health & Fitness Coach

The creator of the Simplicity Fitness program, Danny’s passion for coaching is driven by his sincere desire to help others optimize their health and live their best lives.  An NASM certified personal trainer and elite TRX CORE instructor, he delivers integrated and challenging training programs, focusing on balance, flexibility and strength training in all planes motion.

Drawing upon his lifelong love and involvement in athletics, Danny uses his knowledge of the human body, and it’s capacity to adapt and grow from the demands placed on it, to develop unique training programs for a variety of fitness goals.

In 2008, he was introduced to TRX Suspension Training by pro baseball play Dan Uggla and he has since used it as the cornerstone of all his physical training.  The highly mobile, yet simple piece of training equipment allows Danny the versatility to work with clients just about anywhere.   He’s developed and instructs several scalable TRX classes from beginner level to the elite; golfers, tennis players, endurance athletes, etc.

In addition Danny’s interest in nutrition began to develop during his early years as a fashion model.  During that time he experimented with a number of diets and eating habits but wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

However, after the cancer diagnosis of his father and a leave from the modeling industry, his focus began to shift.  What he ultimately came to realize is that a whole foods plant-based lifestyle is not only the best way to prevent diseases in the body (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.), it also holds the key to looking and feeling your best.  With this knowledge, Danny offers several nutrition coaching services and programs.

Bachelor Degree (Business & Communication) Arizona State University

Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine

Elite CORE, Personal & Group Trainer – TRX